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 Scheduled Passenger Traffic

Aviation works

Within the framework of the aviation service package the airline carries out the following:

- prospecting, monitoring and patrolling of works in regions that are difficult to access

- delivery of the working shifts

- logistical supporting of construction material and other objects: equipment, products, medical supplies

- construction and installation works, rescue and sanitary works

Aviation works are carried out by Company with helicopters KA-, Mi-2, Mi-8 and Mi-171A. The following Company branches are involved in such works: Kaluga, Perm, Samara, Sochi, Ukhta, Yugorsk.

For 12 years of activity the Company has gained valuable experience of operations in various climatic conditions including polar and heavy access areas.

For the most part, such work is carried out by the company within the framework of services rendered to gaz companies of Gazprom engaged in explorations, extraction, processing and transporting of gaz and gaz condensate.



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