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Scheduled Passenger Traffic

GAZPROMAVIA became the first Russian corporative company to successfully approach a competitive market of scheduled air traffic. In 2002 the airline performed the flights on the following routes according to the central schedule: Moscow-Belgorod-Moscow, Moscow-Nadym-Moscow, Moscow-Sovetsky-Moscow, Belgorod-Novy Urengoy-Belgorod, Moscow-Samara-Moscow, Samara-Novy Urengoy-Samara, Samara-Tumen-Samara. In 2003 two new scheduled flights were added for the following routes: Moscow-Sochi-Moscow, Moscow-St Petersburg – Moscow. In 2004 the airline opened a new route Sovetsky-Nadym-Sovetsky with intermediate landing at Beloyarsky. On 13 June 2005 one more new routs operations was opened on the route Sochi-Samara-Sochi . In 2006 the first international scheduled flight Moscow-Nukus (Uzbekistan)-Moscow was added. In 2007 new route Moscow-Tomsk-Moscow was opened.

Today GAZPROMAVIA performs flights on all popular routes, annually increasing the volume of passenger traffic services. The scheduled flights of GAZPROMAVIA are noted for the highest level of reliability of its aircraft and the qualifications of their flying personnel as well as world-class onboard services.

Tickets for the airline flights are booked and sold through the airline’s own Air Travel Agency as well as other air travel sales agencies. By the middle of 2007 GAZPROMAVIA entered ticket sale agreements with 50 leading agencies that have a wide sales network both in Russia and CIS.

Air services development is one of the most perspective trends of the airline that intends for the further widening of flight geography and air ticket sales network and for improving of the service level.


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