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The History

For more than 15 years GAZPROMAVIA has kept the good traditions of the Russian civil aviation. It has been proven by our Companys reputation as a reliable carrier with an excellent service onboard.

Transportation subsidiaries of Gazprom of Russia start setting up their own aviation units.

The Gazprom aviation support concept has been developed.

The GAZPROMAVIA Aviation Company Ltd. - subsidiary of Gazprom of Russia, was registered at the Moscow Registration Chamber based on the decision of the Board of Directors of Gazprom of Russia from 03.02.1995 and according to the order of Gazprom of Russia from 03.02.1995 No.7/org.

The Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transportation of Russia issued the Aircraft Operator Certificate to the company.

The decision of Gazprom of Russia is made to establish its own airport facility.

Working on creating a multifunctional aviation company, providing the whole range of air transportation services both for the gaz companys purposes and for the Russian market of domestic and international transportation.

The final consolidation of Gazprom of Russias air fleet under the colours of GAZPROMAVIA Aviation Company Ltd. is achieved. Branches are open in Kaluga, Perm, Samara, Sochi, Ukhta, Yugorsk (Sovetsky) and Yamburg.

According to the decision of the Russian government the Ostafievo airport located in Podolsk Area of Moscow Region becomes the location of mixed deployment of Ministry of Defense and GAZPROMAVIA. Wide-scale reconstruction of the airport is made: the landing strip becomes longer and stronger, the navigation equipment is updated, and an airport building and a complex is built, as well as offices and storehouses, hangars, taxi ways, and the ramp.

For the first time GAZPROMAVIA takes part in the air support of the Paris Dakar Rally with its five crews on AN-74-200. In the complicated navigational conditions of the operation poorly marked African terrain our crews had successfully accomplished the missions set by the rally organizers.

Official opening of the Ostafievo Airport.

GAZPROMAVIA wins national aviation prize Krylja Rossii (The wings of Russia) as the airline of the year a participant in the support of Russias economy branches.

National aviation prize Krylja Rossii (The wings of Russia) as the airline of the year cargo carrier of the domestic and international operations.

The Companys AN-74 takes part in the Severnyj Polyus-32 (North Pole-32) floating station project, organized by the Polyus (Pole) scientific center of Arctic and Antarctic. The aircraft crew got the Gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation Mr. V. Putin.

According to the order of the Chairman of Gazprom of Russia GAZPROMAVIA Aviation Company Ltd. is assigned the status of the Gazprom of Russias and its subsidiaries general carrier.

Uplift of the participants of the Russian Antarctic Air Expedition to the South Pole. Main objective: repair and evacuation of the AN-3 plane at the Amundsen-Scott Antarctic base due to its engine failure. The successful accomplishment of the project let Russia fulfill the requirements of the Madrid Protocol obliging Russia to evacuate the plane from the Antarctic announced an ecologically clean area.

Working on building-up an International Centre of Business and Light Cargo Aviation in the Ostafievo airport, Moscow Region and Krasnaya Polyana Heliport, Sochi.

The geography of scheduled operations and air transportation sales get wider.


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