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Business Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Centre

The first and only business class aircraft maintenance complex in Russia will be created by GAZPROMAVIA on the base of Ostafyevo airport in 2007. It will become a specialized centre for business aircraft maintenance and repair: Gulfstream, Global Express, Embraer, Learjet, as well as all types of Dassault Falcon. The Centre will be organized in co-operation with the Dassault Falcon Service company.

Until now, the Falcon aircraft could only be repaired abroad considerably raising the expenses for their servicing. As a consequence, this restricted the use of these aircraft by domestic airlines. As soon as the Maintenance Centre in Ostafyevo starts its activity, a significant spread of this aircraft type in Russia can be expected.

The Maintenance Centre will be certified in accordance with EASA (European Air Safety Association) requirements, and it plans to perform line maintenance. Falcon aircraft will also be provided with periodical maintenance – semi-annual and annual scheduled maintenance.

The Centre organization presupposes a hangar construction for four aircraft. The staff of the Maintenance Centre includes a General Manager, a Technical Director, a Quality Manager, an engineering complex, a maintenance complex, a planning group, a spare parts trade shop and a logistic group – about 30 people in total.


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