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Yamburg airport is the northern airport of the Yamalo-Nenetz autonomous national area. The climatic temperature in the region ranges from Ц50 up to +30 degrees C. During the year there are 60 foggy days, 70 days with blowing snow, and wind 10-20 m/sec. About 100 000 passengers pass through the airport yearly Цmost of them are employees of Gazprom of Russia subsidiaries.

УBФ class, accommodates aircraft Tu-154, Il-76TD, An-74 and all types of helicopters.

Technical specifications
Runaway: 2430 m length and 42 m width

Meteorological minimum
ICAO 1st category

- endoscopes for ramjet duct condition control;

- for nondestructive testing and oil analysis of jets;

- for effective change of the units Ц workshop of spare parts.

Using aircraft Tu-154, Tu134, Yak-42, Yak-40, L-410 flights are performed to Moscow, Belgorod, Krasnodar, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Nadym, Salekhard. Helicopters Mi-8 and Mi26 fly to Cape Kamenny, Tazovsky, Zapolyarnoye, Novy Urengoy, Gaz-Salle and other hot spots.

Cargo, baggage and mail handling.

Air terminal

The area of the terminal is 500 sq. meters, its capacity Ц 40 passengers per hour.



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