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The best personnel work in GAZPROMAVIA. GAZPROMAVIA has highly qualified air and technical staff. There are 3,7 thousands employees: more than half employees are working in the pilot enterprise in Moscow and others in the branches.

Practically, the whole air staff has the highest training level, and comply to the qualification of the highest class. 329 1st class pilots, 3 honored pilots, 1 honored navigator, 7 honored transport workers, honored military pilots work in GAZPROMAVIA. Aviation engineering Service is certified for the effective maintenance of all types of aircraft in operation of the company.

The company pays serious attention to professional qualification of its employees. In 2004 about 500 managers and specialists took the re-training courses, more than 600 workers received extended education. Social package includes material consideration, medical insurance, preferences in buying tourist vouchers and other measures which help to provide the high level of loyalty of the team towards the company, and the enhanced responsibility of the staff in relation to the work.


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