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Falcon-900 LX

In November 2011 a new modern Falcon-900 LX business jet with the range of 4,750 miles (8,797 km) was added to the Gazpromavia fleet.  Falcon 900 LX jet is based on a Falcon 900EX design. Yet the aircraft  got enhanced operational  features and  fuel efficiency. New business jet consumes fuel 30-40% less than other equipment of the same class due to an advanced light construction and very efficient wing with vertical winglets. It takes it just 20 minutes to climb to the altitude of 11 880 meters.
Falcon 900LX take-off and landing as well as safety features  exceed those of other jets in its class due to a lower speed of approach and landing, which is quite beneficial  for operations at complex high-elevated airfields.  Increased as compared to Falcon 900 EX EASy range allows operation of non-stop flights on Moscow-New York and Moscow-Tokyo routes as well as Moscow – Far Eastern airports which is important for Gazprom JSC Far Eastern program implementation and activities on Asian-Pacific and North American markets.  With addition of the new Falcon 900 LX Gazpromavia Aviation Company Ltd rightfully becomes the biggest corporate air carrier of Russia with  two Falcon-900 B, three Falcon-900 EX EASy, one Falcon 900 LX and one Boeing BBJ in its fleet.

Cruising speed - 950 km/h (600 knots)
Flight range with 8 passengers – 8,890 km (5,224 miles)
Maximum take-off weight - 20 640 kg
Maximum payload - 2796 kg
Total length - 20,21 m


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