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Yakovlev-40 airplane created by the Design Bureau named after A.S. Yakovlev – became the first jet airplane for short distance airlines. The airplane can take off and land on the airfields with ground cover. GAZPROMAVIA has got 4 aircraft of the type, and 2 of them are the “cabin” version. In this version the room of the Main Passenger is equipped with two revolving seats, a table, a sofa, a video-system and a snack-bar. The 1st class cabin consists of 6 two-seater blocks of seats and 2 tables. Capacity of the “saloon” version is 16 people.

Cruising speed – 530 km/h (330 knots)
Flight range with maximum payload – 1,400 km (870 miles)
Maximum payload – 32 passengers.

Cabin shots


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