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The system of voluntary reporting

SDS is based on voluntary informing employees of any hazards identified, situations or events that pose a real or potential threat to the safety or reputation airline.
The airlines Guide will not apply disciplinary measures against employees who have made timely voluntary reporting of errors in the production process.
The airline established in the methodology for collecting, recording and dissemination of information from voluntary reports, ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the employee who submitted the information.
Written messages may be written by hand or with the use of office equipment, shall be made in any form and forwarded to the Inspectorate of Flight Safety The airlines through the following channels:
A. To the address:
117420, Moscow, ul.Novocheremushkinskaya, d.71/32,
The airline company "Gazprom Avia"
Inspection of safety
Two. By E-mail: fs@gazavia.gazprom.ru
Three. Or right now by filling out the form below:


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